12 Tips To Packing Light

Rule number one, packing light is a process not a goal. Everyone aspires to pack light. Some travellers are successful but if you’re anything like me the moment that suitcase opens you’re fighting the urge to pack everything and the kitchen sink. I’m getting better all the time at packing… Better, but still far from the ultimate travel minimalist I aspire to be. But when I get it right… It feels amazing. Organized, streamlined, liberated!

So when I heard about the globetrotting National Geographic writer who travelled the world for six weeks with NO LUGGAGE I almost died. He wore a multi-pocketed vest to carry everything he needed, including T-shirts and a folding keyboard for his iPhone!

Now no bags at all may be a tad extreme so here are some tips to packing light to help you get by with just a carry on.

1. One Is All You Need

Try to avoid checking a bag – get creative with your carry on! Taking a smaller bag can provide incentive to pack less. (This doesn’t mean make it squish! We’re packing light not small remember)

2. Double Up!

Every item you pack should have multiple uses or looks, or don’t bring it.

3. Something Loved

Most importantly, only pack things you actually do wear – and know will work.

4. Neutral Is Your New Favourite Colour

Neutral colours help with the versatility factor; colour and print works best in swimwear and accessories.

5. Hand Wash Only

Try and pack things that don’t need to be washed, or can easily be rinsed in a hotel sink.

6. Don’t Forget The Shopping!

Pack versatile pieces, which you can seamlessly mix with new purchases 😉

7. Bottle It Up

If like me the thought of using hotel provided liquids fills you with dread don’t bother packing full sized bottles. Fill mini travel bottles with your own beauty products.

8. Keep It Simple

Try for less with the makeup, it all adds up. All you really need is a little foundation and some mascara.

9. Drop The Act

Unless you’re a world renowned travel photographer / insta famous travel blogger there’s no need to pack a camera anymore. Just use your phone for photos.

10. Wear It

Layer it up on the plane so you don’t have to carry it all in your bag.

11. Divide And Conquer

Using dividers help to organise everything so you know exactly what you have and where to find it.

12. Don’t Worry

Don’t pack for worst case scenario. Unless you’re travelling to the middle of nowhere there’s always shops for emergency supplies.


There you have it, 12 tips to packing light. Happy Travels!