With the warm weather only getting warmer and the holiday season creeping around the corner, we’ve scoured Surf Dive ‘n’ Ski to find our favourite up and coming trends that also double as awesome gift ideas!

Women’s floral mini dresses:

Do these really ever go out of style? Universally flattering on women of everyone body type and age the floral mini dress is a staple of every girl’s wardrobe. Available in every colour and print under the sun (our personal favourite is light blue and white floral) Surf, Dive ‘n’ Ski have the cutest range available at the moment. Perfect for the warmer weather (and super easy to layer during the winter) a floral mini dress is every girl’s best friend.

Men’s short shorts:

Guys you’ve been warned, showing your thighs is officially in fashion! Seen all over TikTok and Instagram, shorter shorts for men have grown in popularity over the last month. Perfect for the hot days and an excellent way to get that tan summer glow, Surf, Dive ‘n’ Ski have a wide range of lengths, sizes and colours to suit everyone’s style, even those brave enough to try this trend!

Roller Skates:

The seventies are calling, and they want their trends back! Roller skating is officially in style again and people all over the internet are going crazy for these Impala Skates! Coming in a range of cute colours Impala Skates are perfect no matter the stage of your skating journey. Whether your goal is to grinding pipes, riding ramps or simply cruising through your neighbourhood, why not pick up a pair of Impala Skates from Surf, Dive ‘n’ Ski to really make a statement.

Check out the awesome range of products available from Surf, Dive ‘n’ Ski at Soul Boardwalk and pick up ones of these trendy products for the perfect gift (even if you’re just treating yourself).