The Top European Hot Spots for 2018

Going beyond ‘over tourism’ to emerging destinations

Looking for the top European Hot Spots in 2018??
Then look no further than Europe Holidays…

As we approach the final week of our ‘Win A Trip for 2 to Singapore‘ competition, as advertised in Issue 2 The Vibe, thanks to our partners and Qantas, it’s never been a better time to get into holiday mode and await the arrival of 2018.

Europe specialists Europe Holidays are predicting that savvy travellers wanting to avoid the summer crowds in Europe will be opting for a range of increasingly ‘on trend’ destinations, with 2018 European hot spots to watch including:

  • Seville: As the capital of southern Spain’s Andalusia region, Seville is famous for its unique blend of character and scenery, with a mix of Gothic, baroque and medieval, amidst its vibrant traditions of tapas and flamenco.
  • Stockholm: Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, this atmospheric city’s neighbourhoods each have their own distinct characteristics, against a backdrop of being spread across 14 islands.
  • St Petersburg: Known as the ‘Venice of the north’, with its 100 islands linked by more than 600 bridges, St Petersburg is virtually unmatched in its grace, and impressive monuments, cathedrals and fortresses.
  • Berlin: A cultural city that never sleeps, Berlin is a centre of contrasts, of rich history mixed with glitzy modern and an energetic vibe. It’s also a powerful symbol of reunification.

Managing Director Chip Popescu says the recent hype about over tourism highlights that it is worth finding lesser visited – but equally worthy – destinations to consider for the next trip to Europe.

“For those wishing to avoid the worst of the inevitable summer crowds, we recommend visiting some of Europe’s other truly magnificent cities and sceneries,” says Popescu.

“As spectacular as it is, Venice is not the only European city with a foundation of canals and water. As the ‘Venice of the north’, St Petersburg is a magnificent alternative, while Seville can capture some of the interest of Barcelona.

“Around every corner in Europe, virtually, there is something to see. A little creativity in an itinerary can deliver huge rewards in experience.”

Other up and coming destinations Popescu adds to the list include Sicily, Romania, Albania and Montenegro.

“The Balkan region in particular is really opening to tourism, and delivers a multitude of delights for visitors. It’s well worth the effort in my books.”

  • Romania: Romania is not only home to the legendary region of Transylvania (which inspired Dracula and countless other spooky fables), but also the dynamic capital city of Bucharest, where communism and capitalism collide.
  • Albania: A recent newcomer to welcoming tourists, Albania has a unique array of attractions, including sleepy villages, beautiful beaches and its trendy capital Tirana that is a haven for pedestrians.
  • Montenegro: With rugged national parks with bears and wolves, through to medieval villages and an Adriatic coastline, the tiny nation of Montenegro is a fascinating blend of east and west that has just recently reached the realms of tourist destination.
  • Sicily: Known for its rich history, this gorgeous Mediterranean island is home to a rustic countryside, diverse landscapes and inspiring cultural heritage.
Hermitage Museum St Petersburg // Alina Badretdinova
St Petersburg Garden // Alina Badretdinova
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