Autumn/Winter Fashion on the Gold Coast

Monochrome or Colour - Gold Coast Autumn/Winter Fashion

There is no place like Surfers Paradise. A much needed coffee in the morning at one of the local cafes, a quick surf then zipping over to the stores to do some shopping. It’s no wonder it is a favourite travel destination for tourists and social hub for locals.

But as winter gets closer, it’s time to hang up the boardies and hone in on the autumn, winter trends. Soul Boardwalk is home to international brands such as Seafolly, Hype DC and Roxy to name a few. Surprise; surprise all Soul Boardwalk retail stores link together for what Surfers Paradise is known for, easy beach to bar fashion.

This season’s focus is on monochrome sellers, vibrant pieces as well as comfortable fashion. Autumn can be challenging to work with at times and too often the balance of style and comfort is lost.

Pounding Autumn with vibrant colours and patterns experimenting with stripes, floral colours light blue with a pop of red and pink bringing a refreshed image to the season trend, common wear and trending from Seafolly are tropical off shoulder dresses, women’s one piece swimsuits and finally floral kaftan’s. These all capture an appealing and outstanding image for the Autumn season.

Monochrome always in and trending all year round most effective when paired with two colours or one, black, white or neutral. The black and white fashion duo has the powerful effect to conquer sophistication, simpleness and elegance. Dressing for monochrome solace can be simple as blending white leggings to a dark or white bomber jacket now seen at Roxy. Match off adidas originals in hues white, black or haven and adorn with a chic black or white bag to break the outfit’s intense hues.

From solace and travel simple additionally a-la-mode looks, looking at Seafolly’s range that composts of light blue playsuits for during the day wear coordinating with walk-about canvas shoes to suit the traveller.

With endless opportunities catching up on retail therapy won’t be an issue this season with store trading hours flexible to fit day and night workers. To experience a truly unique beachside shopping head to for more info and trading hours.


By Chanelle Williams



By Elisha Graeff @elishagoldcoast

Having Italian blood in me, I know good pasta, my family believe the food is better at home. But home is just how I felt at Vapiano's for dinner Wednesday night.

Not only were the staff as friendly and hospitable as my own family but the pasta was the REAL DEAL homemade Italian pasta, and I could taste it. The food was fresh, beautifully presented and very affordable.

The Surfers Paradise establishment opened in 2002 and has been consistently serving up some of the best Italian the gold coast has seen.

Vapiano Gold Coast is the perfect place to relax while nibbling on a pizza or sipping on the amazing cocktails the extremely talented and trained bartenders serve up. My favorite cocktail for the night, for my fellow cocktail lovers was the twisted tonic, which is gin & tonic the Vapiano way with Bombay Sapphire, grapefruit, rosemary and tonic.

Vapiano is a little Italian, a lot Australian which is just what the ordering system shows. The chain also has a very unique ordering system, just to add to the Vapiano experience, you are given a chip card that you charge all your food and drink to when you order from the bar, or from the delicious pizza or pasta stations and then you just pay at the end.

I love having big dinners with my family and friends so this is perfect, we don’t need to worry about splitting bills, Vapiano has us covered.

Did I mention your food is cooked fresh in front of you? You can actually go watch the talented chefs flip pizza and toss your pasta, it doesn’t get more Italian than that.

If you haven’t yet tried the Vapiano experience, add soul board walk to the to-do- list. I’m getting hungry just writing about it, so CIAO for now.



ESPL Coffee Brewers is serving up the best coffee daily to both our Gold Coast locals and tourists from all over the world.

If you are anything like me, A COFFEE ADDICT then you will be happy to know my vanilla latte went down a treat. I went a day without coffee once. Worst day ever!

I ordered the Avocado smash and I was absolutely amazed with the different flavours I could taste coming through. Who would have thought it had a hint of maple!

We were then treated by ESPL’s talented pastry chef who really put it on for us Tuesday morning. We were served the most delicious Danish pastries, chocolate filled donuts, jam donuts & almond croissants, just to name a few. Safe to say I left a size bigger and happier than ever, who doesn’t love donuts? Especially if chocolate is involved.

ESPL is an amazing spot to watch the sunrise with coffee in hand, located directly across the road from Surfers Paradise beach. Be sure to stop by after your morning esplanade walk. ESPL has such a wonderful local feel, I am a huge believer of locals supporting locals.

The customer service was what really made the experience unforgettable, from the massive smiles ear to ear, to the friendly conversation and professional service. Such a welcoming presence I will most certainly be going back.

This groovy café fitout not only incorporates the classic New York style delicatessen but also blends in the raw industrial vibe which is so in at the moment.

If you haven’t yet visited ESPL Coffee Brewers located at Soul Boardwalk, directly across the road from one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, then you are missing out.


By Elisha Graeff @elishagoldcoast

Zushi Sushi 1


Zushi Sushi & Teppanyaki

In the latest issue of The Vibe we featured one of the many amazing dining destinations located at Soul Boardwalk Zushi Sushi & Teppanyaki. For those salivating at the mouth for more our team has put together a visual masterpiece to give you a closer peek at this exceptional restaurant. Watch as Zushi Sushi & Teppanyaki present their delicious Japanese cuisine with their signature flare. We hope it doesn't make you too hungry!

The Zushi Sushi & Teppanyaki Surfers Paradise location is their flagship store. It features a sushi train for all your favourite hot and cold rolls as well as two teppanyaki tables. One to serve sit-up customers as well as beach front a'la carte seating. The teppanyaki tables are fitted with hot plates where the chefs prepare and cook your meal. This set-up allows you to get up close and personal as they show off their skills with knives, condiments and flames. If you can keep up you might even get a chance to catch something in your mouth. Just don't drop it.

Open seven days a week, the team delivers fine dining, ambiance and entertainment all in one incredible experience. Direct ocean views, onion towers, samurai style knife tricks, beat boxing with utensils, fresh local produce and unbelievable fire displays are just some of the things you can expect from a meal at Zushi Sushi & Teppanyaki. That and mouth watering Japanese cuisine of course!

Find out more about this unique dinner and lunch spot and others located at Soul Boardwalk in our latest issue here. You won't regret it!



Let’s be honest, at some point in our lives we have all tried really hard to be “that morning person”, however if you find yourself setting a dozen alarms and still waking up late, then you, my friend, are a victim of snooze and lose.

It is time for an intervention and here we give you our seven tips into tricking yourself to enjoy the good ole early mornings... Or at least be up on time.

Chase the Sunrise

Can you recall the number of sunrises you have seen in your entire life? Not too many, are there?  Why don't you try waking up with the sun? Set that alarm (or three), grab your favourite swimwear from Sunburn and hit the beach. Nothing is more relaxing than breathing the fresh air and listening to the waves.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

We are fairly certain that exercise is good for you, or that is what is what we are constantly told. A great way to trick yourself into exercising is to buy workout clothes. What we wear has an impact on how we think and what we do, and a good workout outfit can make us feel like you are coming right out of a fitness commercial. Also, how good is the post workout glow?


If waking up to your bed smelling like roses doesn’t make you smile (how could it not?!), using essential oils in your shower/bath, diffuser or just applying it topically with a carrier oil is a great alternative. Basil, peppermint, rosemary and lemon wakes you up and helps you focus as well as providing healing properties. Whereas, geranium, lavender, ylang ylang and rose oil helps you relax and rejuvenate.


Depresso is the feeling you get when you have run out of coffee. Make the best use of your coffee machine or grab a café style luxurious coffee from ESPL Coffee Brewers to give you that morning push. Coffee not only wakes you up but also lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression and Alzheimer’s. It's a Win - Win situation.


As the saying goes "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper". We understand how hard pressed for time everyone is in the morning so preparation is the key. Prep your oats in a mason jar the night before to save time, or make a delicious smoothie in the morning to go. If you are in the mood to pamper yourself, check out Surfers Paradise Beach Café for a scrumptious and a healthy breakfast.


Whether you like jamming to some pop, rock, old school jazz or simply just your favourite radio station, listening to music or the sound you like boosts the level of dopamine. Sure shot way of turning that morning frown upside down.


In our desperate attempt to be more organised and efficient, pick out your outfits the night before! This lets our brain be prepared for the next day. Your mornings are easy, you wake up ready and most importantly, you will always look good.

If your attempt at being a morning person assists you in cutting down on your beauty sleep in any way, head on down to  Fresh Hair And Body to get you looking like a million bucks.

By Akshaya Aiyer



Nothing can stop a mother from pouring her heart out for her child. No religion, no color and no gender can change a bond as special as a mothers love.

Mother’s Day is one of the occasions when you can show your gratitude to your lovely and gorgeous mother – creating memories no matter how big or small. She is the one who first showed you the world to you and now it’s your turn to show her the world.

To the pregnant mothers, the mothers in labor or the mothers of new born babies, congratulations and welcome to motherhood! This will be your very first Mother’s Day! There is nothing more special than having your first of something. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, having a day dedicated just to you, could be exactly what you are needing.

To the mothers of a large family or the mothers of a small family, congratulations! This day is dedicated to you; after the tears, tantrums, sleepless nights and your dedication towards your child. No matter if your child or children are big or small – you will always be their mother and this day is all about you.

There are so many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, so why go out to another restaurant when you can spoil your mum with everything that is their favorite. Only a little e ort and inspiration required for turning one’s idea into reality. Mother’s Day is all about showing mum how much you appreciate her. Even if you lack talent, this should not stop you from creating some artist Mother’s Day crafts for your mother. Invite the family and friends over for a ‘high-tea’ or an afternoon sunset picnic on the beach or even a sophisticated brunch with all of mum’s favorite goodies. Use mum’s favorite colors, flowers, fragments and food-goodies.

To spoil mum even more, get creative with some unique gift ideas:

  • Custom made, PJ’s and evening gowns from silkandtie – nothing more special than having a matching outfit!
  • Simply elegant hand crafted rose shaped soaps from Boite roses are the essence of modern romance for a quiet night in.

Breakfast in bed

Plan something extraordinary for her! Since you were born you have seen your mother preparing breakfast for everyone in the family. Now that you can do it for her, let this occasion be a special one for her by preparing her favorite and delicious breakfast for her in the bed. Before a week from the day of the Mother’s day start finding out about the favorite breakfast of your mother, so that you can plan it out on the Mother’s Day.

Get together of the generations

Plan a celebration family party and make sure that all the generations of the family are present in the party. Gather, great grand parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts and also all other members of your mother’s side. Do something different, change your location to the afternoon by the beach.

Help out mothers in need

Mother’s Day came into existence to honor all the mothers out there who sacrifice for their children. And, every mother is important! This Mother’s Day, donate to an organization which help children and mothers, so that you can in a way help a mother. Every cent counts, all the support matters.

High Tea

Invite close friends and or family and set up a ‘high-tea’ goodies filled with mini versions of mum’s favorite food. Create the theme to be everything mum – mum’s favorite flower, candles, food, drinks (non-alcoholic or alcoholic), music, colors for the theme and table linen.

By Tayla Harte

Fresh Hair And Body


Get Fresh With Fresh Hair And Body

Get an in depth look at Fresh Hair and Body's newest Gold Coast Salon as featured in the latest issue of The Vibe. And watch as our team takes you through the process of getting that perfect blonde.

Fresh Hair and Body Gold Coast is the newest of the salon chain. Owned by Leah Brunoli, the very first salon was opened in Adelaide when she was just 19. Today, Leah has expanded her one salon endeavour to a ten salon empire.

Fresh Hair and Body offer an array of services ranging from hair colouring, styling, cutting, makeup application, spray tanning, waxing and a $35 blow dry station. In addition they also offer their very own handmade hair treatments and shampoo and conditioner range. It really is affordable luxury at it's finest.

For our appointment we were offered a consult with one of the senior stylists, who can be found at every one of their locations. Once we settled on the perfect blonde look our stylist administered colour and toner and their handmade treatment Star. This is to ensure breakage is kept to a minimum. Fresh Hair and Body also uses Cureplex, a formula to help reverse damage and soften the hair. To finish, our stylist then cut and blow dried the hair to our liking. Before leaving, they also made sure to give us the best tips and tricks in order to maintain our brand new blonde locks.

If you'd like to hear more about Fresh Hair and Body and our experience at their salon check out the latest issue of The Vibe. Or head down to Soul Boardwalk located in Cavill Mall and book your very own appointment! You won't regret it!

packing tips for travelling light


12 Tips To Packing Light

Rule number one, packing light is a process not a goal. Everyone aspires to pack light. Some travellers are successful but if you’re anything like me the moment that suitcase opens you’re fighting the urge to pack everything and the kitchen sink. I’m getting better all the time at packing… Better, but still far from the ultimate travel minimalist I aspire to be. But when I get it right… It feels amazing. Organized, streamlined, liberated!

So when I heard about the globetrotting National Geographic writer who travelled the world for six weeks with NO LUGGAGE I almost died. He wore a multi-pocketed vest to carry everything he needed, including T-shirts and a folding keyboard for his iPhone!

Now no bags at all may be a tad extreme so here are some tips to packing light to help you get by with just a carry on.

1. One Is All You Need

Try to avoid checking a bag – get creative with your carry on! Taking a smaller bag can provide incentive to pack less. (This doesn’t mean make it squish! We’re packing light not small remember)

2. Double Up!

Every item you pack should have multiple uses or looks, or don’t bring it.

3. Something Loved

Most importantly, only pack things you actually do wear – and know will work.

4. Neutral Is Your New Favourite Colour

Neutral colours help with the versatility factor; colour and print works best in swimwear and accessories.

5. Hand Wash Only

Try and pack things that don’t need to be washed, or can easily be rinsed in a hotel sink.

6. Don’t Forget The Shopping!

Pack versatile pieces, which you can seamlessly mix with new purchases ;)

7. Bottle It Up

If like me the thought of using hotel provided liquids fills you with dread don’t bother packing full sized bottles. Fill mini travel bottles with your own beauty products.

8. Keep It Simple

Try for less with the makeup, it all adds up. All you really need is a little foundation and some mascara.

9. Drop The Act

Unless you’re a world renowned travel photographer / insta famous travel blogger there’s no need to pack a camera anymore. Just use your phone for photos.

10. Wear It

Layer it up on the plane so you don't have to carry it all in your bag.

11. Divide And Conquer

Using dividers help to organise everything so you know exactly what you have and where to find it.

12. Don't Worry

Don't pack for worst case scenario. Unless you're travelling to the middle of nowhere there's always shops for emergency supplies.


There you have it, 12 tips to packing light. Happy Travels!

Mothers Day 1


Mothers Day 2
Big celebrations to all our beautiful and amazing mum's in the world! 

To show our appreciation, Soul Boardwalk are offering Complimentary Pamper Sessions from 
11am - 2pm onsite in Surfers Paradise, Sunday 14 May.

Spots are limited (Maximum 4 at a time) to so to book in please RSVP and book in your chosen time by clicking on the following link.

NKD BODY will be providng the amazing products.

Pamper sessions include:
Body Scrub - Feet and/or Hands
Face Mask 
Body Moisturise - Feet and/or Hands

*** Please note, only one session per person.
*** Mum's only

NKD BODY products will also be available to purchase on the spot.

The Blossom Tree Company will be providing a spectacular custom made flower wall as our 
backdrop for our pampered mums.

1029 Hot Tomato will be broadcasting live onsite from 11am - so don't miss out on all the fun -Bring the family and join us for a spectacular Mothers Day. 

BOOK YOUR COMPLIMENTARY SESSION NOW by scheduling in your appointment here

1. 15min blocks with 4 x therapists.
2. Type in Sunday 14 May and click Find Available Times
3. Select your preferred time and SUBMIT


Ripley's Believe It or Not


Ripley's Believe It or Not

As featured in the latest issue of The Vibe, here is yet another amazing visual from our team showcasing the weird and wonderful Ripley's Believe It or Not. Watch this abridged tour of just some of the freaky wonders on show at Robert Ripley’s odditorium.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not is Surfers Paradise’s most unusual and unbelievable attraction. The odditorium is a concept created by Robert Ripley and is comprised of 15 themed galleries filled with over 400 artefacts. Armed with a passion for all things weird, wonderful and freaky, Mr Ripley spent a lifetime travelling in order to gather and present the most unusual and amazing artefacts, abilities and cultures the world has to offer. Today, Ripley's Believe It or Not is the only destination in Queensland like it. Nowhere else can you interactively travel through time and space and with real preserved relics.

The tour guarantees astonishment and a hell of a lot of fun. Visitors are exposed to such delights as rare relics and treasures from around the world as well as incredible illusions, fun interactive games and life-size figurines of unusual people who actually lived. All this while discovering amazing stories of history, adventure and magic!

Whether you want education, enlightenment or entertainment Ripley’s Believe It or Not, is where it’s at. If this place wasn't already on your list it needs to be because Ripley's is out of this world! Read more on the world famous odditorium in our latest issue.