I Scream for Ice-Cream!

The best way to enjoy a hot summers day is with the sea breeze in your hair, and a Mövenpick ice-cream in your hand. This Christmas, the team at Mövenpick are extending their trading hours so you can have all the ice-cream you want!

Crafted by legendary connoisseurs on farms in the Swiss Alps that are passed down from generation to generation, Mövenpick believes that the best moments originate from simple things done in extraordinary ways. The combination of their indulgent Alpine Cream and fresh ingredients from nature such as sun-ripened apricots, Canadian maple syrup or of course, Swiss chocolate, creates a myriad of fun and delicious flavours.

Mövenpick’s craftsmen are always keeping up to date with the newest taste-trends in ice-cream and base their work off being “open and curious to everything.” With the mindset of the Alpine Spirit, Mövenpick’s craftsmen never fail to motivate each other and embrace their passion for delicious innovations.

There’s something for everyone in the family at Mövenpick! Some of the most popular flavours are Pistachio, Mint Chocolate and Rum & Raisin. These classic flavours appeal to a wide audience and are consistent with both decadence and creaminess.


While Mövenpick is famous for their rich and creamy Alpine cream, they also never fail to amaze customers in the sorbet department. Raspberry sorbet and Mango sorbet are just some of the flavours available if you’re after something fruity or tangy, but still wanting to satisfy that sugar craving.

This summer treat yourself and someone special to an ice-cream from Mövenpick at Soul Boardwalk. With the extended trading hours for Christmas, there’s no reason to say no! Capture your Mövenpick moment by tagging us on Instagram with #discovermovenpick, we want to see your snaps of you enjoying our delicious desserts!