Soul’s Lunar New Year Celebrations

Join in on the Lunar New Year celebrations at Soul Boardwalk kicking off on the 25th January. From 10am onwards lion dancers will be perform in the precinct, with drums and symbols, and a playful monk keeping the lions tame.

Discover the display of stunning decorations, bringing to life the Lunar New Year celebrations. It calls for the perfect opportunity for a selfie!

 Here are a few facts you might not know about the Lunar New Year celebrations!

Each Lunar New year is associated with an animal sign, according to the Chinese zodiac, and 2020 is the year of the rat.  Each animal has different meanings and offers a different ‘fortune’ to those born in the corresponding lunar year.

 Red is the main colour for the festival, as it is believed to be an auspicious colour.

The Lunar New Year festival is a season of superstitions. The luckiest things to do during this festival are to give money or gifts in lucky numbers and red packaging with lucky greetings.  On the other hand, sweeping up on New Year’s Day is said to be unlucky. It means you are sweeping all of your luck away.

 – Eating dumplings for every meal, everyday is a necessity. Technically you are supposed to but not as many people follow this rule. Apparently you can have too much of this delicious dish!! Most people will stick to eating dumplings during the New Year’s Eve dinner.
At Soul Boardwalk we are very excited for the celebrations to unfold! For more updates you can follow our event on Facebook here.