“Save the bees” is the motto for the new Mövenpick Swiss Honey Almond ice cream. Swiss Honey Almond ice cream is a combination of delicious vanilla ice cream with chestnut honey from Ticino and caramelised almond pieces. The chestnut honey which makes this ice cream so exceptional is characterized by its unique, intense flavor, and harmonises perfectly with the vanilla ice cream.

This ice-cream was created with biodiversity in mind. Mövenpick worked with Swiss farmers to make Switzerland bloom and work towards more biodiversity.This includes working with Swiss farmers to foster the seeding of flower strips. This not only creates an ideal habitat for bees and insects but also provides an environment the Swiss population can enjoy.

The product creation sets an example of how companies can create meaningful products that taste good AND do good. Come in-store today to enjoy Mövenpick Swiss Honey Almond ice cream.