Woka Woka Surfers Paradise

Tickle your taste buds with delicious Asian Fusion at Woka Woka Surfers Paradise. Whether you’re looking for Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese or Thai, taste the best asian eats here in Surfers Paradise.

Some of the mouth-watering options on the menu include: chicken/vegetarian spring rolls, vegetarian curry puff pastries, crispy beer battered chips, steamed dim pork sim, chicken satay sticks, deep fried mini torpedo prawns, deep fried oysters, deep fried wantons, Japanese takoyaki, deep fried honey chicken wings, woka woka wicked wings, honey grilled chicken wings, deep fried chicken maryland, deep fried crab claws, pork san choy bow, HK curry fish balls skewers, Japanese style crab roe salad, Taiwanese style popcorn chicken, crispy bun with condensed milk, HK style pineapple bun with sliced butter, ham and egg pineapple bun with sliced butter, crispy pork chop bun, wagyu burger, deep fried mini threaded bread rolls, variety of toast and sandwich options, chinese soup, chinese chicken and sweet corn soup, russian borscht, cream of chicken soup, cream of sweet corn soup, wonton soup, imitation shark fin soup with chicken, little laksa soup, chinese crab meat and sweet corn soup, cream of seafood soup, hainanese chicken with rice, soy sauce chicken with rice, BBQ pork and fried egg with rice, BBQ pork and soy chicken with rice, four treasure rice, dry noodles with wonton, BBQ pork with dry noodles, BBQ pork and soy chicken with dry noodles, roasted duck maryland with rice, many varieties of fried rice, congee and omlettes ….